Who we are..............

Hello my name is Roger Zalinger II and “I Am Z Pool Boy!”

First off I want to thank you for the opportunity to do business. I want to take just a minute of your time to tell you my experience and philosophy in the Swimming Pool Business. After graduating from Ward Melville High School in 2003, I earned my Bachelors Degree from High Point University of North Carolina. 

While attending college, the summers I’d come home to Long Island and maintain and service residential swimming pools. Upon my graduation I moved to Australia and began working for PoolWerx, the largest pool company in Australia. Many in the U.S. don't know this, but Australia is the World Leader in Swimming Pool and Spa Technology and Training. For a year I was trained in every aspect of the swimming pool business. After my visa expired I returned to New York and worked for the company I had been before. 

Over the years I’ve been in the pool business I realized a negative view on many Pool Companies, which I was able to turn around. Most of them were very common. Hidden charges, unknown and poor servicing, and an all around bad communication between the home owner and Pool Technician.

When I decided to open my own Pool Business (Z POOL BOY) I set in mind to change that view across the board by using the work ethic that I was brought up by. Keeping my prices very reasonable, always keeping a friendly and professional relationship with all of my clients and most importantly doing a GREAT JOB

Through good business and hard work I look forward to keeping a strong clientele and great word of mouth reputation.

Thank You for visiting