Z  Pool Boy Price List:

OPENINGS- $150-$250

Removal of cover and Water Bags Loop Locks 

Folding Cover- *No Washing* 

Reinstalling all deck equipment* (Ladders, Hand Rails & Diving Board), 

Installation of the filter/pump system*, 

Starting and Checking the pool system, 

Summer Shock Treatment and Testing Water Chemicals 

 * Prior To Opening Appt, Pool Water Level must be raised to skimmers, If it is water bag cover rain water must be pumped off cover and leaves removed. 

 * Oversize Pools or Other Repairs will be a higher rate. *All equipment will be installed unless seen unsafe for use.

CLOSINGS- $150-$250

ExtraPump-$10, Heater-$5, Waterfall-$25, SpilloverSpa-$100-$175


Cover Pool ( Water Bags or Loop Locks) 

Blow Out and Plug All Water Lines 

Winter Shock Treatment 

Disassemble and Winterize Equipment 

Disassemble Filter and Thoroughly Wash Grids 

Turn Power Off/ Turn Timer Off 

Removing all deck equipment (Ladders, Hand Rails & Diving Board)

Service Call-Out Charge-$75 *Not Incl Parts

Weekly Maintenance:

Full Service- $40-60